Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre features a strong vegetarian focus that embraces dietary limitations. Incorporated into the menu are dishes that have been specially prepared, mindful of food restrictions.

Only the finest seasonal ingredients from a global larder are paired with the spices and flavour balances of the region. The result is a refined and elegant contemporary gastronomic cuisine, a harmony of flavour with the perfect amount of richness.

Emmanuel Stroobant

Emmanuel Stroobant


Born in Liege Belgium, Emmanuel Stroobant began cooking professionally in 1985. Trained in French classical technique, he has travelled the world honing his knowledge and expertise.

This journey of self-improvement, knowledge and wisdom culminated in Saint Pierre – not just a restaurant, but an homage to the gastronomic arts.

A vegetarian and yoga practitioner, Chef Emmanuel takes a spiritual view of cooking as encompassing divinity, society, and the natural world, including one’s own body. His focus on health and wellness, emphasised in a menu with strong vegetarian leanings, is only matched by his devotion to freshness and quality in all the ingredients he uses. His global experience manifests in his culinary style – a harmonious blend of European techniques with subtle touches of Southeast Asia, bringing flavours to the fore, tantalising taste buds, and leaving one begging for more.

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