Park Bench Deli

These aren’t some flimsy five-minute sandwiches. These are bold sammiches, made with swagger. We’re talking sous-vide Fried Chicken dipped in buttermilk. Philly Cheesesteaks on hoagies, with hand-melted gruyere cheese whiz.

The Telok Ayer storefront is styled on the American deli, but they do sandwiches from all over.

Two rules at PBD exist: do it big and do it right.

Andrei Soen, Ming Tan & Aamir Ameer

Andrei Soen, Ming Tan & Aamir Ameer

The Team

Park Bench Deli started as a side project, back when Andrei, Ming and Aamir were fancy chefs who came home hungry after 12-hour shifts, craving simple grub done right.

They started by making the sandwiches they wanted to eat, but couldn’t get in Singapore. Big kid sandwiches, decadent over-the-top creations they could barely fit in their mouths.

They were too good not to be shared, so they started selling them at pop-up events and from the back of a food truck. They learned how to make their own pastrami and pickles, and tried fifty different recipes for fried chicken. Finally they were ready to open shop – Park Bench Deli.

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