Operation Dagger

In July 1956 the Singapore Police force unleashed Operation Dagger in an effort to eradicate the secret gang societies of Singapore’s notorious Chinatown district.

Just like the blitz in the 50’s Operation Dagger is a blitz against fad bars that rehash the same old classic cocktails. Operation Dagger aspires to offer something new, something that maybe you haven’t thought of before.

If you want a trip down a road less traveled then head to Operation Dagger, because by their own admission they don’t know where that road leads.

Number 19 on The Worlds 50 Best Bars Asia.

Luke Whearty

Luke Whearty


Luke has worked at some of the most progressive bars in the world. Before he came to Singapore he worked at Der Raum in Melbourne. As Head Bartender of Der Raum the bar was ranked No. 1 in the World’s Best Bars in 2012.

Known as Wookie to his mates, Luke’s passion is only matched by his creativity. His cocktails use techniques that will leave you guessing what is coming next.

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