Maggie Joan’s

Located in the alleyways behind Amoy Street, Maggie Joan’s is a unique concept: a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with a distinct underground character, reflected in edgy industrial décor and a hidden, nondescript entrance. Maggie Joan’s serves a fresh, modern take on Mediterranean food, and is unremitting in its quest for artisanal flavours. The restaurant is named after the 2 grandmothers of co-owner Daniel Ballis because it seeks to embody the women’s big-hearted – and very Mediterranean – stance on good food and social bonding, and make it warmly appealing to a contemporary audience 

Oliver Hyde

Oliver Hyde

Head Chef

British-born Ollie Hyde has chalked up some very impressive mileage in high- level training and experience at leading restaurants in UK, France and Singapore for his youthful 26 years.

His interest piqued by childhood explorations of woods and coastlines and a family affinity with cooking (his father and grandma were chefs), Chef Ollie made up his mind at age 13. After a series of early stints in lesser kitchens, he joined the celebrated 3-Michelin-star Waterside Inn in Bray, England. After 3 years working with the highly respected Roux brothers at Waterside, Chef Ollie left it for another ‘celebrity’ famous, 3-starred English establishment, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

In 2012, Chef Ollie left the UK to join the 1-Michelin-star Hostellerie la briqueterie at a 5-star hotel in France. Exactly a year later he travelled again, this time to Asia, to join Pollen in Singapore as Sous Chef. While he was there, Pollen was named best Western fine-dining restaurant in Singapore by Epicure magazine.

Chef Ollie brings energy and undeniable talent to Maggie Joan’s. He delights in the restaurant’s funky atmosphere and its dedication to seasonal ingredients and assiduous artisanship. “I love it when everything comes from our hands,” says the Chef. “I’m proud of what I’m serving. I want to take Maggie Joan’s as far as it can possibly go.”

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