Long Chim

Long Chim Singapore is the first and flagship Thai street food restaurant of the group as helmed by David Thompson, firmly established at Marina Bay Sands.

Long Chim means to ‘come and taste’. The restaurant’s fast service style combines with the sounds of clashing woks and the beating rhythm of the pestle as it hits the mortar. It’s a kind of music that leads you to laugh a little louder, stay a little longer and try something new each time.

Yingyod “Ommo

Yingyod “Ommo" Raktham

Head Chef

Born in Pattani, a southern province of Thailand, Yingyod discovered his love for cooking at a young age. His first culinary influences were his mother and grandmother, who were avid home cooks. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, he enrolled in the intensive Traditional Thai Cuisine program at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP) in Bangkok.

Handpicked by Chef-Restauranteur David Thompson, Yingyod previously worked in restaurants across Thailand and the Middle East. He moved to Singapore in 2015 to lead the kitchen at Long Chim

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