Little Island

A microbrewery of macro proportions. The industrial space designed by architect Akira Kita (the eye behind Esquina, Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chop House), is set to those devoted to slow living and craft drinks. Located in rustic Changi Village, it houses 10 old-school tanks brewing blends such as a Pale Ale, SPA (Singapore Pale Ale) and Irish Dry Stout all being dispensed by Self Pouring.

The kitchen meanwhile is run by New Zealand Chef John Edwards and focuses on slow cooking and top-notch cuts sourced from Wales to Australia. The beer belly pork – marinated in coffee, chilli and cumin with salsa verde – is a standout, as is the 15 hour smoked beef brisket with Memphis slaw, horseradish dressing and truffle balsamic sauce.

Steve Spinney

Steve Spinney

Brew master

An award winning brew master, Steve pioneered, manufactured and distributed the first craft beer brand in Bali.

The famous “Storm Beer” garnered many awards, but most notably for winning three consecutive Gold Awards in the Asian Beer Competition.

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