Located in a charming pre-war shophouse in the heart of the bustling Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood and designed by award-winning chef Lino Sauro and his team; Gattopardo has been sharing a brand of Sicilian cuisine for years.​

Following a simple philosophy – to fill the space with happy memories of food. Just like how you would in Sicily.

Lino Sauro

Lino Sauro


Lino Sauro is a natural advocate of authenticity. Born in Sicily in Southern Italy, his culinary background is strongly influenced by his growing years helping his father, a farmer, in his hometown.

The Sauro family comes from a lineage of farmers, who have tended the same plot of farmland for at least a hundred of years, cultivating a vast array of fruits and vegetables from grapes, wheat, fave beans to tomatoes. Since he was a child, Lino grew up helping his family slaughter animals, and his childhood has instilled in him strong  traditions such as making fresh ricotta cheese from scratch every morning. He went on to the “school of hard knocks”, working his way up in five-star establishments in Europe, such as Lake Garda and Germany (Stuttgart).

When the opportunity came for him to set up his own restaurant in Singapore, he created Gattopardo, a restaurant dedicated to seafood – a celebrated specialty in his home region in Sicily.

He shares, “Gattopardo is a synonymous with Sicily. Whenever anyone in Italy mentions “Gattopardo”, it refers to a Sicilian mindset, where you need to adapt to your surroundings in order to progress. This is my homage to my hometown.”

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