Brasserie Gavroche

Since opening its antique wooden doors in 2011, the rustic French recipes enjoyed by Parisians daily have been a mainstay at this charming shophouse on Tras Street.

Timeless dishes prepared by Chef/Owner Frédéric Colin include the Potée Auvergnate, a traditional pork hotpot laced with cabbage, garden fresh vegetables and tender meat that simply falls off the bone. Also highly recommended is the Quenelle de poisson sauce Nantua – Grand père Henri’s fish quenelle of painstakingly hand-grated pike fish fillets is served with a delicious crayfish bisque.

Frédéric Colin

Frédéric Colin


Born in Paris, Frédéric spent his formative years in his grand-père Henri’s restaurant and kitchen; from there he fell in love with food and the culinary arts.
Before arriving in Singapore, Frédéric lived all over the world helming fine restaurants as well as internationally renowned luxury hotel chains.

“I want to share the hearty classic dishes that Parisians enjoy daily.”

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