Brandishing a devil-may-care attitude seldom seen in Singapore’s restaurant scene, Artichoke enjoy messing with ingredients. Think Potato Chip Tabbouleh with Maple Labneh Ranch, or Bird Bird’s Chicken Skin Sundae, a polarising concoction of coconut ice cream, salted palm sugar butterscotch and fried chicken skins.

Bjorn Shen

Bjorn Shen


Bjorn’s cooking is a simple extension of his down-to-earth personality. He is not afraid of serving foods otherwise seen by other chefs as low-brow, just as long as they are things that are dear to his heart. Like fried chicken… and tater tots… and ice cream.

Bjorn’s first taste of the industry was while washing dishes at a cafe in Tanglin Mall back in 2002.

He enrolled in culinary school soon after, bombed out of culinary school, earned a bachelors in hospitality and a masters in marketing instead. One day, he hopes to undertake a PhD in fried chicken.

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