Artemis matches contemporary pan-Mediterranean grill with splendid views from a rooftop arena.

Waves of flavour from coastal Spain, Southern France, Italy and Greece collide at Artemis, offering guests sustainable dishes reminiscent of a Mediterranean seaside lifestyle.

Fernando Arevalo

Fernando Arevalo

Executive Chef

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Chef Fernando was raised in a family with Italian traditions. He found himself attracted to the culinary world while studying engineering. In the beginning of his career his motivation was the peaceful feeling of a busy service. He found calm in the kitchen chaos, but his belief that food is the most basic way to achieve immediate happiness sustained his passion.

Arevalo moved to New York City where he worked as a bartender and waiter while attending the Institute of Culinary Education New York in 2007. His experience started working alongside iconic chefs such as Daniel Boulud at DBGB and Bill Telepan at Michelin-starred Telepan Restaurant. Staying in theme with high profile establishments, he then crossed to Asia and joined Mario Batali at Carnevino (Hong Kong).

Formerly the Executive Chef at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse in Singapore, Chef Arevalo has devoted many years to forging relationships with the finest sustainable and organic producers from around the globe.

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